08 December 2009

This Saltwater Room

My friends are amazing.

That up there, that's Adam. I met him in Michigan. He's my boyfriend's best friend. And, honestly, I want him to be my best friend too, because he's very amazing.

My friend Jackie makes movies too. She made one for me once, and I was a little mind-blown. The abilty to transform feeling to image is beautiful to me.

My friend Dean takes photos when he can, and writes music like it's as natural as breathing to him. He just gets music, with all its emotion and depth and meaning.

I guess what I'm skittering around here is that, dammit, other kids my age make things. Do things with their lives and still make time for college and work and all that.

And here I am, a college student, with barely the time to finish my work and sleep. No photos, no movies, no music. Nothing. I hate it.

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